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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility can benefit greatly from having a home lift installed. Domestic Wheelchair Lifts can be installed in any downstairs room where the lift can travel vertically through an aritco homelift aperture in the ceiling to the room above. When the lift is not in use it can be parked at either level leaving maximum living space available. The integral fire seal is effective when the lift is parked at the upper floor.

Wheelchair Lifts of this type are sometimes described as home lifts, through floor lifts, vertical lifts or platform lifts.

A domestic through floor lift is not suitable for use with a carer inside the cabin or for any standing users. In these circumstances an enclosed platform lift will be required. Multi purpose seats can be installed as an optional extra and there is a Powered Door option for greater independence. A fixed internal ramp provides a gentle incline for easy wheelchair access.

The Home Lift’s free standing design does not require a load bearing wall meaning a wider choice of lift location is possible. The unit arrives flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home. The lift is then assembled inside your house.

If for any reason the power should fail, emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm and lower the lift to the ground floor. All vertical lifts should come with a phone point included. Safety edges and sensors will stop the lift if touched or obstructed.

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