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Want to Know the Best Food for Weight Loss?

Food and physical activity is the key to the losing of extra calories. Regular exercise helps to get rid of extra fat and lose weight. One can maximize the results of exercise by taking care of food that we eat, as some foods help in losing weight. These fat burning foods for weight loss are healthier, low in calories, fiber rich and keeps you more satisfied, thereby curbing excess appetite. These miracle foods make you feel less hungry, which thereby avoids the untimely bingeing of high calorie foods that just make you put on weight without giving any nutrition. Some of the best food for weight loss are as follows:

• Lean meat: Instead of deep fried chicken wings and turkey, opt for lean meat such as fish, roasted chicken breast and other seafood. Lean meat is rich in protein, and not very high on “bad cholesterol” (LDL) like the Food Warren MI red meat is. Also, protein take more calories to digest and keep you fuller for a longer time.

• Eggs: Include eggs in your breakfast as they are good source of proteins and they help in breaking down fat.

• Soups and salads: Salads made up of fresh vegetables like beet root, cucumber, lettuce and carrots provide you with good nutrients and are also low in calories. Avoid adding any dressings in salads as they may contain high fattening agents. Freshly made soups and salads are good source of fiber that helps in keeping the digestive system healthy and highly nourished.

• Fiber: Another best food for weight loss is fiber. Fiber rich food like oats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are low calorie foods, which keeps your hunger satisfied for a longer time. They are extremely important in digestion. But without water, they can make you feel constipated. So keep you body hydrated with water all the time, especially if your diet contains fiber.

• Thermogenic foods: You should include thermogenic food (foods that burn fat) such as garlic, and cinnamon in your diet; these work by increasing the metabolism of your body. Thereby burning extra calories. Several spices are highly thermogenic too. So try to add in some spices in you food or tea.

• Water: Majority of your body is made up of water. Every little function requires water. Absence of water can even make you gain weight. Also without water, your workout routine would not be as effective as it should be.

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