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Is It Time You Moved Over To A Wireless Hard Drive?

In many cases it can be difficult to share files amongst members of your family or your roommates. A lot of people have external USB hard drives these days, which work to keep vast quantities of files and video clips all in one place. As opposed to having to constantly move about a hard drive and connect it into multiple computers a modern solution has been to release an external wireless hard drive.

While a 2 TB wireless drive may be just a little more costly compared to a normal wired external hard drive, it does make it substantial easier in order to create a business server or to create your own home server for storage of all of your data and media in one area. In this article we will exam some of the wireless drives on the market and discover why it might be time for you to go wireless.

The thing you need to think about prior to picking a wireless hard drive is what you plan to use it for. Whilst the Kingston wi-drive and the Transcend StoreJet Cloud could be excellent choices for connecting to your favorite tablet devices, you might want to look into the Seagate STAM3000200 if you plan to setup a central location for the whole family to keep their data.

Some of the options in the industry for wireless hard drives include:

Seagate STAM3000200 3 Terabyte FreeAgent GoFlex: this product features up to 3 Terabytes of storage space, which makes it one of the largest¬†wireless external hard drives¬†on the market. Currently the go flex is just known to sync with PC and Mac computers in the home and doesn’t really feature the same support like the Kingston portable storage drive. However, as much as 3 Computers can connect and transfer data across your network with this device. With its 3 TB of storage space each computer in the house can be backed up wirelessly and you will probably still have plenty of space to server hard drives spare.

The Kingston 32 Gigabyte Wi-drive: this wireless drive is an especially thin hard drive that permits you to transfer files directly from your storage wirelessly to virtually any android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, kindle fire, or PC. Files can merely be accessed thanks to apps offered by apple and android and efficiently copied onto all of these devices across any wireless network. Just simply syncing up the drive to a wireless network and then connecting to the same wireless network, when using your device, and you will have the ability to quite easily share files with up to three people concurrently.

The Transcend StoreJet Cloud 32GB Multimedia Drive (Portable): this device is truly portable allowing you to fit it directly in to your pocket for traveling. Syncing the unit with a wireless network allows you to transfer your files directly to iPad/iPhone/iPod products along with android mobile devise or Amazon Kindle. Unlike the over devices this is mainly to use on the move to give you that much need extra storage. The device can sync wirelessly with up to five devices and offers a good amount of support to hold a large quantity of data. The battery life is generally very good and allows you to simply transfer any files to the device numerous times over.

The cost of purchasing a wireless hard drive is getting cheaper all the time to make it more affordable than ever to purchase one. With all the great benefits and with most things going wireless will you be opting to switch to a wireless hard drive.

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