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If you’re tired of going to the gym just to get your daily dose of exercise, why not consider doing a home work out? A lot of people are gradually moving their workout sessions to the privacy and comfort of home and start to experience the benefits of a more focused atmosphere. Although being enrolled in a gym will help keep your motivation up to an extreme level as you get to meet several people with similar intents and purposes, it is still considered a big advantage if you can do it at home. For one, you need not wait for the trainer to come your way after hours of waiting for your turn. Second, you need not travel from your house to the gym, so the time spent traveling can now be saved to working out. Finally, you have all the privacy and secrecy you need to concentrate more on your routines and programs.

To make your home work out more effective, the following considerations must be taken into account:

1. Warm up before anything else – You must warm up your entire body and muscles before putting your program into play. The drawback with most people is that they tend to get too excited with the idea of working out that they often overlook the importance of warming up the muscles. Keep in mind, muscle cramps can occur if your muscles aren’t well prepared to perform a specific routine. Thus, a workout of between ten to fifteen minutes should be more than enough to get your muscles all geared up for some challenging tasks. Take longer if you prefer to do so.

2. The impact of flexibility exercise – This is of major importance to those who are weight lifting. If your home work out program involves lifting weights, then your flexibility exercise can act as a cool down – that is if it is done after some weights exercise. But regardless of it acting as a finish to your weight training workout or as an alternative, make sure to include them in your routine.

3. Sets and repetitions – Just when you thought these are just plain accessories to your workout think again. Sets and repetitions determine the amount of resistance you put in your program, and it varies depending on a lifter’s purpose and weight loss objectives. A repetition is one execution of an exercise; eight sit-ups are considered eight repetitions. A set on the other hand, is a grouping of repetitions; thus two sets of 10 repetitions would be 20 repetitions done in groups of 10 with rests in between. You may find it complicated at first, but you can get the hang of it once you’re used to injecting and doing sets and reps in your workout.

4. The equipment and machines used – Even if you exercise from home, you still have to do some machine exercises. Here is a word, especially for women: if you find a particular machine too heavy for you to lift or too challenging for you to take, begin with a free weight such as the use of a dumbbell or a barbell. After some sessions with these light weights, slowly work up to the point where you can use the machine weights. Keep in mind, progressive workout is the key. Home work out programs and exercise are also great for couples, so they can help each other and offer encouragement along the way. visit:-

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