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Home Builders in Chandler, Arizona

D.R. Horton Inc. – D.R. Horton is one of the largest home builders in the United States, and is responsible for many home building projects in the Chandler, Arizona area. Delivering more than 41,000 new houses in 2007 alone, D.R. Horton presents houses to 83 markets across 27 different states, and has a definite presence in Chandler. To learn more about D.R. Horton Inc. and the houses they have available in Chandler, visit their website.  รับสร้างบ้าน

Calex Homes – Founded in 1993, Calex Homes draws upon an extensive family history in development and architecture to offer an array of home building expertise. Calex Homes’ communities are top notch living communities that target on providing a select number of homes in specific areas including Chandler, Arizona. Calex homes focuses on taking a proactive approach to the concept of construction while exhibiting a keen eye for detail. For more information about Calex Homes and their current projects in Chandler, visit their website.

Copperleaf – Offering the Montage master planned community in Chandler, AZ, Copperleaf has a simple vision to build upon their reputation one singular house at a time. Each house is individually built to meet strict standards of master workmanship, construction and design, the three most integral elements of any home. The Montage master planned community in Chandler is an excellent example of master craftsmanship, offering stunning family houses at excellent prices. For more information about Copperleaf and their operations in Chandler and across the country, visit their website.

Camelot Homes – Offering numerous house building projects in Chandler, Arizona and nearby cities, Camelot homes is one of the oldest house builders in Arizona, and remains to be family owned and operated after thirty five years of experience. Thousands of houses have been crafted by Camelot Homes, focusing on building in the best communities using innovative technologies that embrace the future and create neighborhoods that are assets.

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