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Chinese New Year

The 4707th Chinese New Year is nearly upon us. The year of the Tiger or “Geng Yin” as it is known, begins on February the 14th 2010 coinciding this year with Valentines Day. This article discusses how to prepare for the New Year – to create a happy and harmonious luck-filled year ahead. It also provides guidance on designing your home using Chinese style and philosophy to create a calm, energising space for you and your loved ones to live.

Our Top Ten Tips for a Prosperous Year of the Tiger

  • Make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned before Chinese New Year as no cleaning or sweeping should be done during New Year celebration week. You will be sweeping your good fortune straight out the front door.
  • Ensure all cleaning tools, materials and products are safely stored away, out of sight.
  • Do not buy any new books over the celebration week. The word “book” is a homonym for the word “lose”
  • Do not buy any new shoes over the celebration week. The word “shoes” is a homonym for the word “rough.”
  • End this year, the year of the Ox, in the black with finances straight and you will end the year of the Tiger in the same way.
  • Do not tell ghost stories or stories of woe.
  • Wear red for luck.
  • Eat sweets to invite a sweeter year.
  • Open doors and windows, inviting in good luck for the year.
  • Put away sharp objects, knives and scissors as these are seen as bringers of bad luck and do not go to the hairdressers – all your good luck may be cut off.

Following these simple guidelines should assist you in welcoming luck and good fortune into your home, throughout the year of the Tiger but to encourage still more, adopt the Chinese interior décor style based on the principles of energy flow, nature and simplicity of form.

Chinese Interior Design – Guide to Designing Your Home

Energy Flow

Energy flow is a key consideration when decorating in the Chinese style and it is important for the stability of the home and workplace that both yin and yang energies are allowed to flow freely.

To facilitate this freedom of energetic movement, ensure that all clutter is tidied away or better still, disposed of. This will enable new energies to circulate, bringing good fortune your way.


Based on the belief that like attracts like, another key to Chinese interior décor is to display prominently, your most beautiful and valuable objects. These pieces should be given centre stage, becoming focal points in a room that is otherwise, free from clutter as well as calming, light and airy.

Colour schemes

Colour is a very important consideration Chinese new year singapore when decorating in the Chinese style as colours, each have their own meanings and interpretations. The colour Green represents calm and appeasement. The colour Blue, perhaps the most widely used colour in the Chinese home, represents the gentility and refinement of the homeowner and the colour Red symbolises fortune, power and the Sun. It is a particularly auspicious colour to be wearing during the year of the Tiger and you should consider any redecoration in a red theme. It is no accident that most Chinese restaurants are decorated with reds.

Chinese Soft Furnishings

Having decided upon your colour palette, you should then turn your attention to the walls, curtains and soft furnishings. The use of silk wallpapers and throws and curtains with silkscreen printing, painting or embroidery are very much favoured in Chinese interior design, lending an air of sophistication to the home.

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