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A Sales Funnel Template – The Money Making Funnel

The whole idea behind having a sales funnel is because there is a very odd chance that your prospect is going to want to buy from you that very same day, they might want to think about it, talk it over with their spouse or they may not even have to money to make a choice at that very moment, Maybe it’s just not the right time in their life for what you are offering.

The whole intent of a sales funnel is to keep in contact with your prospect by dripping emails into their email inbox with tips, tricks, advice and offering products that are of high clickfunnels $37 value that will expand their business or life in some way, preferably sell them something that you use or that comes highly recommended from a commendable source. (Very Important, Products Must Be Of High Value to the Prospect)

When you hear people talking about making money on auto pilot they are talking about their sales funnel because once you set up your funnel you then just have to drive traffic through it and your sales funnel will do the rest of the work for you. If you have a high converting sales funnel template you will be making commissions from all different angles, this is the key to multiple streams of income.

So what are the components to a sales funnel template?

First you have the capture page this will be the door to your business/funnel, when you prospects opt in to your capture page they are then taken to a sales page where they get the opportunity of buying right there or join your business whatever the case may be, that is the front end of your business.

Now it then goes into the backend of your business which is your auto responder and like I mentioned earlier you want to have an email campaign set up that continues to keep in contact with your prospect by sending emails with tips, tricks, advice and laser targeted high valued products to your prospects interests.

You can set up your auto responder with 2 months worth of emails or 2 years there really is no limit to how many emails you can set up so you can really go very deep with your sales funnel which means every chance of cashing in if you set up your sales funnel the right way.

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